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Dear Friend,
Have you ever been in the, let's face it, unbearable situation of being unable to remember your password? Or have you ever been unable to retrieve the text inside your password field?

This is what happened to me a while back: I used my laptop and carried it everywhere with me, accessing my web-based email account constantly, but with the same password and using Internet Explorer's autocomplete feature, so I didn't have to remember my long password everytime! It all worked fine, until about a year later, I figured out I had to find a way to access my email from my new desktop system, but I just realized: I had forgotten the password! I was able to see the password as a field of *****'s, but that was still not my text password! I was just a step closer to losing a year's work, until Password Revealer Professional and Password Tracker appeared!

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Is this my password? It looks as a bunch of **** stars! That is NOT my password!
From $1,797.00 in January 2006 to March 2006

Using Password Revealer Professional, I was able to easily recover my password! Not THAT IS my password!
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So What Is Password Revealer Professional?

Password Revealer Professional is our latest software designed for revealing passwords in any password field in Windows XP, 2003 and even the new upcoming Vista!

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The "Password Revealer Professional" and "Password Tracker" programs!

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What Is Password Tracker?

Password Tracker is our ultimate software designed for recovering lost passwords, forgotten passwords, or simply passwords that reside on the user's computer!

Not only that, but Password Tracker can easily recover your lost Outlook account passwords, your Internet Explorer auto-complete passwords, MSN signup passwords, Internet Explorer Auto-Complete fields, Internet Explorer password-protected sites, and even passwords from deleted Outlook accounts!

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I managed to finally recover the password for accessing my private documents on my computer! I was a step to losing my hard-work, for over than three years!

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Michele K., Mississippi

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